Simplify – Make sure you can read the advertiser’s name
Short Copy Short Words – Use short words and no more than 10 words total
Bold Colors – Bright colors are most easily seen from the highway
High Contrast – High contrast means better visibility
The outdoor viewing audience is mostly mobile. Mobility limits the potential viewing time of a billboard's message to only a few seconds. Therefore, the "less is more" approach is best to use when using outdoor advertising to communicate a message.
Short Copy Short Words
The most effective designs focus on a single idea. Too many elements or words may confuse a viewer or take too long for them to read. Fonts selected for outdoor designs must be easy to read from a distance. In addition, sizing and spacing should be considered to enhance the visibility.
Bold Colors
It is essential that outdoor designs are easy to read. Designs bursting with brilliant color will leave a lasting impression.
High Contrast
 Contrasting colors view great from a distance while colors with low contrast will blend together. Opposite color combinations are best to use when trying to achieve a good contrast. For example, yellow and black are dissimilar in the contrast of both hue and value. Therefore when used in tandem these two colors would inspire a lasting impression.
Prior to the final production L&W will provide a colored, scaled proof of the artwork for your approval.


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